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Marble Goby Enterprise [Co.No.001704884-u]

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Clear stock sale!! size 18 to 24inch, from tembat river Terengganu, Kelah Bara, fully red, stock 20pcs, special price if buy all..

Super red Malaysian Mahseer, known as Kelah Bara Tembat, origin from Tembat river Terengganu, size from 1@3@4 inch open for sale, hurry, while stock last.

Giant Mekong Catfish (Patin Mekong) fry available, size 5 to 7inch, left 7 pcs.

Adult Marble Goby@Ikan Ketutu@Soonhock, wild, life, from Thai rivers 1 to 3Kg open for booking.

...Update on 04.07.2013...