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To our visitors and lovely customers, 

Adult fish, fish fry, type, size, availability and price are depending on quantity buying, sending destination and current stock of difference supplier. Photo that are shown below are for illustration purpose only.  

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To our visitors and lovely customers, 
 Adult fish, fish fry, type, size, availability and price are depending on quantity buying, sending destination and current stock of difference supplier. Photo that are shown below are for illustration purpose only.Admin,
To our visitors and lovely customers, 
 Marbled Goby Fish, Oxyeleotris Marmorata, Gobiidae, Marble Goby, Soonhock, Ikan Hantu, Ikan Ubi, Ikan Haruan Bodoh, Ikan Ketutu, Anak Benih Ikan Ketutu, Benih Ikan Ketutu, Anak Ikan Ketutu, Anak Ketutu
 Cherax Quadricarinatus, Australian Red Claw Crayfish, Queensland Red Claw, Redclaw, Tropical Blue Crayfish, Freshwater Blue Claw Crayfish, Lobster Air Tawar, Anak Benih Lobster Air Tawar, Benih Udang Lobster Air Tawar, Udang Lobster Air Tawar. 
 Red-Bellied Piranha Fish, Red Piranha, Red Belly Piranha, Pygocentrus Nattereri, Amazon Red Piranha, Brazil Piranha, Original Piranha, Anak Ikan Pirana Original, Benih Ikan Pirana, Ikan Pirana Amazon, Ikan Pirana Brazil.
 Malaysian Blue Mahseer, Blue Fins Mahseer, Blue Scale Mahseer, Ikan Kelah Biru, Kelah Biru, Anak Ikan Kelah Biru, Anak Benih Ikan Kelah Biru, Anak Kelah Biru.
 Malaysian Mahseer, Tor Tambroides, Ikan Kelah Merah, Anak Benih Ikan Kelah, Anak Ikan Kelah Merah, Benih Ikan Kelah, Ikan Kelah, Anak Kelah, Ikan Kelah.
 Malaysian Super Red Mahseer, Red Fins Mahseer, Red Scale Mahseer, Ikan Kelah Bara, Kelah Bara, Anak Benih Ikan Kelah Bara, Anak Ikan Kelah Bara, Anak Bara, Ikan Kelah Bara Terengganu, Ikan Kelah Bara Tembat.

Himalayan Mahseer, Golden Indian Mahseer, Himalayan Golden Mahseer, Tor Putitora Mahseer, Ikan Kelah Emas Himalaya, Ikan Kelah Himalaya, Anak Benih Ikan Kelah Himalaya, Anak Ikan Kelah Himalaya, Anak Kelah Himalaya. 

 Malaysian Golden Mahseer, Ikan Kelah Emas, Anak Benih Ikan Kelah Emas, Anak Ikan Kelah Emas, Ikan Kelah Emas, Malaysian Golden Fins Mahseer.
Thai Blue Mahseer, Thai Blue Base Mahseer, Anak Ikan Kelah Biru Thai, Kelah Biru Thailand, Thailand Blue Fins Mahseer, Anak Benih Ikan Kelah Biru Thai.
 Empurau Fish, Sarawak Empurau Fish, Wan Bu Liau, Ikan Empurau Sarawak, Anak Benih Ikan Empurau, Empurau Fish Fry, Sarawak Empurau Fry, Empurau Sarawak.
 Wallago Leeri, Mully Catfish, Ikan Tapah, Ikan Tapah Mulut Pendek, Short Mouth Wallago, Anak Benih Ikan Tapah, Benih Ikan Tapah, Anak Ikan Tapah, Anak Tapah, Ikan Wallago Mulut Pendek.
 Wallago Attu, Long Mouth Wallago, Wallagonia Attu, Boal Fish, Ikan Tapah Mulut Panjang, Anak Tapah Mulut Panjang, Benih Ikan Tapah Mulut Panjang, Ikan Wallago Mulut Panjang. 
 Amazon Red Tail Catfish, Ikan Baung Amazon, Anak Benih Ikan Baung Amazon, Benih ikan Baung Amazon, Amazon Red Tail Catfish, Phractocephalus Hemioliopterus, Pirarara Fish Fry, Cajaro Fish Fry, Ikan Baung Amazon.
 Thai Red Tail Catfish, Hemibargus Wyckioides, Ikan Baung Ekor Merah, Ikan Baung Ekor Merah Thailand, Ikan Baung Merah, Anak Benih Ikan Baung Ekor Merah, Anak Ikan Baung Ekor Merah, Ikan Baung Ekor Merah, Thai Redtail Catfish, Asian Redtail Catfish.
 Yellow Skin Catfish, Anak Benih Ikan Baung Kuning, Ikan Baung Kuning, Anak Ikan Baung Kuning, Ikan Baung Pisang, Baung Kuning, Yellow Catfish.
 Mekong Giant Catfish, Giant Pangasius, Pangasianodon Gigas, Ikan Patin Mekong, Anak Benih Ikan Patin Mekong, Patin Mekong, Anak Patin Mekong, Benih Ikan Patin Mekong.
 Chao Phraya Catfish, High Fins Catfish, Ikan Patin Tinggi, Anak Benih Ikan Patin Tinggi, Benih Ikan Patin Tinggi, Anak Patin Tinggi.
 Patin Buah, Anak Ikan Patin Buah, Ikan Patin Buah, Anak Benih Ikan Patin Buah
 Golden Price Carp, Julliens Golden Price Carp, Probarbus Jullieni, Isok Barb, Giant River Carp, Ikan Temoleh, Ikan Termoleh, Ikan Temolian, Anak Benih Ikan Temoleh, Ikan Termoleh, Anak Ikan Termoleh, Benih Ikan Temoleh.
 Goliath Tigerfish, Mbenga, African Tigerfish, Hydrocynus Goliath, Hydrocynus Vittatus, Africa Goliath, Tiger Of The River Fish, Ikan Harimau, Ikan Goliath, Anak Benih Ikan Goliath, Congo River Goliath fish, Anak Ikan Goliath.
 Sturgeon Fish Fry, An Emperors Fish, Chum Loong Yue, Wong Yue, Acipenser Genera, Acipencer Schrenckii, Sturgeon Fry, Sturgeon Fish, Anak Ikan Sturgeon, Anak Benih Ikan Sturgeon, Benih Ikan Sturgeon, Anak Sturgeon. 
 Hampala Macrolepidota, Hampala Fish, Hampala Barb, Jungle Perch Fish, Ikan Sebarau, Anak Ikan Sebarau, Benih Ikan Sebarau, Anak Sebarau.
 Leptobarbus Hoevenii, Rivers Mad Barb, White Sultan Fish, White Tail Mad Barb Fish, Ikan Jelawat Putih, Ikan Jelawat Sungai, Ikan Sultan Sungai, Anak Benih Jelawat Sungai, Anak Ikan Jelawat Sungai, Anak Ikan Jelawat Putih,
 Puntius Bulu, Mungalan, Ikan Tengalan, Ikan Tingkalan, Ikan Tenggalan, Bleeker, Anak Benih Ikan Tengalan, Benih Ikan Tengalan, Anak Ikan Tengalan, Anak Tengalan.
 Hypsibarbus sp, Lemon Fin Barb, Ikan Krai, Ikan Kerai, Ikan Kerai Kunyit, Anak Benih Ikan Krai, Ikan Umur-umur, Ikan Krai Besar, Anak Ikan Krai, Anak Ikan Kerai, Ikan Kerai. 

Clear stock sale!! size 18 to 24inch, from tembat river Terengganu, Kelah Bara, fully red, stock 20pcs, special price if buy all..

Super red Malaysian Mahseer, known as Kelah Bara Tembat, origin from Tembat river Terengganu, size from 1@3@4 inch open for sale, hurry, while stock last.

Giant Mekong Catfish (Patin Mekong) fry available, size 5 to 7inch, left 7 pcs.

Adult Marble Goby@Ikan Ketutu@Soonhock, wild, life, from Thai rivers 1 to 3Kg open for booking.

...Update on 04.07.2013...